Adding Custom Customer Attributes

If you you ever have a need to extend the customer profile within magento and add additional attributes to it, here is a good explanation on how to accomplish that. In the example below, we will add hidden attributes which … Continue reading

Debugging Magento Email Issues

To check if the order confirmation email was sent, a good place to start is to check the order, specifically the information area (beside the order #) to see if the email was sent or not. If the order displays the … Continue reading

Magento Auto Invoice Orders

Sometimes the Magento order process causes more work than a client desires. Imagine you have a client who utilizes their Magento ecommerce store so their customers can make purchases online. Now they also want to process orders on their own … Continue reading

Magento Search API

What is the Magento Search API? The Magento Search extension API is a Magento extension that allows Magento Store owners to provide a SOAP Service for other websites/apps to do product search with just a few lines of code and … Continue reading