Magento cookies

Cookies in Magento are easy to work with. There may be a need to use cookies to pass data to or from Magento whether it is to identify users, track users or some other case. The Magento core has a … Continue reading

Bypass cart and go to checkout

Sometimes there is a need to bypass the Magento shopping cart and go straight to checkout. Maybe your products (or services) are such that most customers only buy one product so why not speed up checkout by bypassing the cart. … Continue reading

MCorner Full Cache

Give Magento a boost with MCorner Full Cache extension. With the MCorner Full Cache extension, benefits on a magento ecommerce store are between 25% – 40%. Our full cache extension minimizes server requests and memory usage to decrease server loads. Increased … Continue reading

Adding Custom Customer Attributes

If you you ever have a need to extend the customer profile within magento and add additional attributes to it, here is a good explanation on how to accomplish that. In the example below, we will add hidden attributes which … Continue reading

Magento development and cache

Magento can be setup to use the various cache methods. These include sqlite, memcached, apc, eaccelerator, database and file types. The Magento cache can be found through the Mage_Core_Model_Cache model. Let’s access the cache. $cached = Mage::app()->getCache(); The methods available to … Continue reading