MCorner Full Cache

Give Magento a boost with MCorner Full Cache extension.

MCorner Full Cache
With the MCorner Full Cache extension, benefits on a magento ecommerce store are between 25% – 40%. Our full cache extension minimizes server requests and memory usage to decrease server loads. Increased site speed, increases visitors and SEO ranking.

Look to adding APC cache with MCorner Full Cache and you will get an additional performance benefit of 10% – 20%.

What you get with MCorner Full Cache

  • performance gains of 25% – 40%
  • uses 20% – 30% less system memory
  • turn on/off MCorner Full Cache for product pages at any time
  • turn on/off MCorner Full Cache for category pages at any time
  • specify cache lifetime for both product and category
  • cache refreshed with product and catalog changes or when clearing Magento cache through Admin
  • integrates with Magento default cache
  • copy and paste install
  • multi store, currency, language compatibility
  • works on any version of Magento as of version 1.7.2

Do you need help with your Magento ecommerce setup? Want to increase performance? MageCorner can help you with all your Magento configuration.