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Here at MageCorner I'm a software engineer - both frontend and backend. Experienced in Magento, CodeIgniter and PHP in general, well the whole LAMP stack. Have experience as a Project Manager and have also dabbled quite a bit in System Administration. Technology is my passion and I enjoy learning new technologies.

PHP DateTime class

PHP Dates with Timezone If you have not already, you will inevitably come across a problem of having to convert dates for user’s timezones. Factor into that daylight savings time and things can get quite messy. As of php 5.2.0, … Continue reading

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MySQL JOINS Explained

MySQL joins have been an issue for many. Here is a simple explanation that demystifies JOIN’s. INNER JOIN This is the most used join. This join will return rows from Table 1 that have matching rows in Table 2. SELECT … Continue reading

Debugging Magento Issues

Occasionally there is a need to debug some Magento problem you may be experiencing. Enable error reporting In Magento’s index.php uncomment the following: #ini_set(‘display_errors’, 1); Turn on Magento Developer logging. In Magento admin System -> Configuration -> Advanced -> Developer -> … Continue reading

Magento Order Comments

Recently we had a request from a client to add a comment to orders (ie. the checkout process). If you have ever wanted to add a field where customers can enter comments to their order, follow on below to see … Continue reading