Magento Category and Product Order

Magento offers simple category and product ordering although this may not be obvious at first. I thought I might share this simple information. Category ordering To change the order of categories, from within the Admin, go to Catalog -> Manage Categories. Simply drag and drop the category or subcategory to the location you need it. Product ordering As products can … Continue reading

Debugging Magento Email Issues

To check if the order confirmation email was sent, a good place to start is to check the order, specifically the information area (beside the order #) to see if the email was sent or not. If the order displays the email as sent and you or your clients are not receiving the email, then the problem is most likely the … Continue reading

Magento Auto Invoice Orders

Sometimes the Magento order process causes more work than a client desires. Imagine you have a client who utilizes their Magento ecommerce store so their customers can make purchases online. Now they also want to process orders on their own with customers from their physical store. If they were to place an order, they would need to also invoice and … Continue reading

PHP DateTime class

PHP Dates with Timezone If you have not already, you will inevitably come across a problem of having to convert dates for user’s timezones. Factor into that daylight savings time and things can get quite messy. As of php 5.2.0, PHP provides a DateTime class to simplify the process of timezones and their offsets. Let’s see how we get the … Continue reading

Magento Search API

What is the Magento Search API? The Magento Search extension API is a Magento extension that allows Magento Store owners to provide a SOAP Service for other websites/apps to do product search with just a few lines of code and get a list of products from within your magento store. This extension uses the default search functionality so results should … Continue reading

MySQL JOINS Explained

MySQL joins have been an issue for many. Here is a simple explanation that demystifies JOIN’s. INNER JOIN This is the most used join. This join will return rows from Table 1 that have matching rows in Table 2. SELECT <columns> FROM table_1 t1 INNER JOIN table_2 t2 ON t1.column_key = t2.column_key Another way this can be written is: SELECT … Continue reading

Debugging Magento Issues

Occasionally there is a need to debug some Magento problem you may be experiencing. Enable error reporting In Magento’s index.php uncomment the following: #ini_set(‘display_errors’, 1); Turn on Magento Developer logging. In Magento admin System -> Configuration -> Advanced -> Developer -> Log Settings set Enabled = Yes This allows you to look in the magento/var/log/* log files for any errors Look … Continue reading

Magento Order Comments

Recently we had a request from a client to add a comment to orders (ie. the checkout process). If you have ever wanted to add a field where customers can enter comments to their order, follow on below to see how this can be added as an extension First lets add the textarea field to the checkout review page. We … Continue reading